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Babyhood Bath Support Mesh

Babyhood Bath Support Mesh

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Bath time should be one of the most enjoyable times with your baby, but for many parents, it is daunting as babies are small and slippery.

The solution is simple and effective – the Mesh Bath Support. It will give you the confidence to bath your baby safely and bring back the fun, for you and bub. The reason why is that it offers a support base for your baby, so you have one hand free to actually bath your baby. So, no bending over the bath hurting your back and no more slippery fingers trying to hold and wash your baby at the same time – which can be so stressful, especially with younger and preemie babies. You can now be hands-free to wash and play with your baby, as the babyhood Mesh Bath Support cradles your baby’s head, neck and back.

The bath support is unlike other bath aids as it is designed ergonomically to support your baby’s body more comfortably and reduces the risk of them slipping off the edge.  It has no pillow so it is safer and more versatile so you can turn your baby onto their tummy for a luxurious bath experience. See our blog to see how. It is great for newborn and preemie babies. It is also perfect for hot and humid climates, with a lightweight mesh cover that shapes to your baby’s body without hurting their delicate inner thigh areas, as many plastic bath aids do.

The cover of the bath support comes off for washing and can be gently machine washed.

For the safety of your baby, please do not leave your baby unattended at any time in the bath.

Enjoy bubbles of fun at bath time!


• Better for your back as no more heavy bending

• Safer for your baby as no more slippery babies to hold in your hands

• Be hands-free to wash baby

• More support for your baby’s back, head and neck

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