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Kinderkraft Neste Up 2-in-1 Co-sleeper

Kinderkraft Neste Up 2-in-1 Co-sleeper

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The Kinderkraft Melange Grey Neste Up Bedside Crib co-sleeper cot is not only a classic co-sleeper bed for the parents bed. It is a multifunctional product. It can be used as a standalone baby cot, as well as a replacement for a travel cot. The NESTE UP is designed for parents who want to have their baby close to them and at the same time want to improve their sleep quality. It’s also deliverance for nursing mothers whose babies wake up several times a night.


With the NESTE UP, you won’t have to get up every two hours to feed your toddler, you just need to get closer to the co-sleeper cot to feed your baby comfortably. This multifunctional co-sleeper cot has up to five levels of height adjustment and the angle of the mattress can be set on two levels. If your little one has a runny nose and you want to make it easier for them to breathe, Just lift the mattress slightly! The crib has a roll-down side wall that transforms it from a stand-alone baby cot into a co-sleeper cot.


Accessories Included

  • Bag for easy transport
  • A soft mattress with dimensions
  • Net in front of the cot
  • Cotton sheet
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