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Elvie Stride Double Breastpump Hospital Grade

Elvie Stride Double Breastpump Hospital Grade

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Elvie Stride is a hands-free, hospital-grade electric breast pump (5 oz/150 ml per Cup) that can be connected to an app for additional features. Offering powerful, hospital-grade performance in a portable design, Elvie Stride liberates you from sockets and wires so you are free to express efficiently wherever you please. This 2-in-1 pump can be set up for single or double pumping, providing maximum flexibility. Take pumping in your stride.

Powerful, yet ultra-quiet
Elvie Stride is a miniature pumping powerhouse, combining a small, hospital-grade motor with noise reduction technology. Elvie Stride always blends into the background for true expression discretion. That way, you never miss a moment (or a single drop of milk).

Lightweight in-bra
Weighing less than 150 g per cup, Elvie Stride feels lightweight and compact inside your bra. The discreet silhouette looks natural under clothing and won’t weigh you down while you collect milk in-bra.

Hands-free hero
No dangling bottles, no balancing acts, no wires that bind. Elvie Stride is designed to keep your hands and body free to move. Take a walk, a call, or just take time for yourself.

Puts you in control
Connect to the Pump with Elvie app to control your pump remotely, adjust intensity settings, and keep tabs on your pumping history— without needing to reach into your bra.

Customise your comfort
10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression modes enable you to pump in total comfort. Customise your pump so it always starts with your preferred settings.


  • Save your default preferences for a quick start to each session.
  • 21 mm and 24 mm Breast Shield sizes included to ensure you find your ideal fit. A third size (28 mm) is sold separately.
  • Easily set up your pump for single or double pumping.
  • Each cup has 5 oz/150 ml capacity.
  • Hospital-grade: Up to -270 mmHG, plus 2 modes and 10 intensity settings per mode.
  • Safe and hygienic: Closed system protects you and baby. BPA free.
  • Easy to clean: Breast Shields, Cup Fronts, Valves, and Diaphragms are hand-wash and dishwasher safe.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery charges in two hours via micro-USB for nearly three hours of pumping (depending on settings).


What's included in a Box

1 Hub
2 Cup Fronts
2 Cup Seals
2 Breast Shields (21mm)
2 Breast Shields (24 mm)
2 Caps
2 Short Tubes
1 Long Tube
1 Tube Splitter
1 Clip
1 Cover
2 Valves
2 Diaphragms
1 Charging Cable


Dimensions & Weight

L15.2 x W21.5 x H20.48 cm

1.32 kg


2-year warranty on the Hubs and 90-day warranty on all other components.


Elvie Stride is compatible with most recent smartphones that support Bluetooth Low Energy. If you have an iPhone, it must be an iPhone 6 or later. You’ll also need to have iOS11 or later. If you have an Android phone, you’ll need version 8 or later. For the most up-to-date compatibility information, please check If your phone is not compatible, it’s not a problem. You can still use your pump by using the controls on the Hub.

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